Gum Over



New show since 2018



Fixed show for the street, circus tent and theater

Genre : Circus for every body !

Duration: 35mn



Production : Collectif Mobil Casbah


Diffusion contact :

Marie Sinet

+337 81 08 25 24


Technical contact :

Valentin Moreau

+336 50 51 21 21


Artistic contact :

Benoît Crespel





"The show hits the ground running as two ludicrous characters appear out of the blue, racing on some kind of spade-like motorbike.
From then on, the audience is taken for an acrobatic ride, exploring the ups and down of true friendship symbolised by the ever present chewing gum, in this string of deceptively silly situations. Profound."



Technical condition


Circus show for every body


with 2 comédians

and 1 technician



Duration : 35 min


Area : flat and solid surface

6m x 6m (meters) minimum

 Minimum height : 5,50 m



Fore more technical information :

 contact Valentin  Moreau on

+336 50 51 21 21