Benoit Crespel - Artist Director

Circassian actor, juggler, self-taught manipulator.


For more than 15 years, he has devoted himself to the deepening of juggling while training alongside other techniques (dance, pantomime, clown, music).


Since 1994, he has participated in many street performances, arousing in him the desire to professionalize.


At the same time, until 2003, he worked in workshops and advanced training courses on circus arts in Nantes and its surroundings (with the Tapatrap company, the Circocric association and Joj Mamo).


In 2003 he created the Bankal company with Fabien Forestier and a year later the show '' Cirk Urbain '' was born.


A veritable artistic laboratory, the show will perform for more than 400 dates and 10 years of touring across Europe.


Benoît participated from 2001 to 2004 in the creation of the show `` Sortilège '' by the Tapatrap company, a troop founded in 1999 and which will be the starting point for his true professionalism. He was asked in 2005 by the Fest'art festival in Libourne for an experimental exchange of juggling and flamenco dance with the dancer Erika la Quica from Casa Flamenca '' Duonirik ''.


In 2006, with the Chapital, he contributed to the creation of numbers for a Franco-Berber cabaret which will be the subject of a Moroccan tour.


In the continuity of his work with the Bankal company, he invests in a project called '' To be on the track '' with hiphop dancers, exploring the universe of urban arts (dance, graf, beat making) and that circus (juggling, acrobatics, balances). This project, commissioned by the Jongl’hop festival, will follow up on the creation of a show with S'poart '' Art Terre '' (2008 to 2011).


In 2010, he was part of the project '' We have not finished going around in circles '', with the company Syllabe, an indoor and street show which is intended for children from 4 years old.


In 2011 he created the company Lombric Spaghetti with Nicolas Delaqueze, and both engage in the adventure of the show '' Cirque Posthume '' which was born in 2012 and is still running!

Nicolas Delaqueze - Artist

Comedian, circus artist and above all musician for more than 15 years.


The desire to mix these disciplines led him to work on the clown game, which he trained in 2004 and 2005.


He began by setting up the musical collective "RAPAPAS" which for almost 6 years (2000 to 2006) developed an atypical theatrical-musical universe, made of personal compositions and theatrical improvisations, indoor performances, festival, theater , street ...


In 2004 he set up a new musical group "VISA 44" based on street music and specialized in "musical attack", this project will take him across Europe.


In parallel, the desire to rediscover manipulation and the circus led him in 2003 to create the PAPAYE company. The show "Le foyer des tilleuls" will be performed all over France and Europe. In this way he will deepen his circus musician clown. At the same time, he met the TAPATRAP Company and Benoit Crespel with whom he will play the show "Sortilège" for 2 years, and will mount a cabaret number of tango juggled for a project in Morocco in 2006. In 2010, he found amplified music and personal compositions with a new project called "Blackradish" where he also works on sound universes and diverted instruments.

Gildas Labarta - Artist

Dedicated to a scientific career, it’s only from 18 years that he discovered his passion.

Self-taught personhe also takes part in numerous courses (stunt course, “stage de connerie universelle” with Stéphane Filloque (Carnage Prod), clown with Yorame Avalone, or Mick from Cirque Plume; passing course with la cie les frères Lepropre as well as acrobatic carrying with Cie XY as well as Cie Accord and acro….).


It’s 10 years after he started working as a circus animator for the Serious Road Trip or Chapidock association.


At the same time, he turned towards the street show and became a stunt performer in the Zinc Bubble Company since 2012. But also stilt juggler in the Karnavage brass band, in the number “Aléa” with Rémi Lantin, outfield acrobat with the number “Pas Touche” with Romain Brézé.

His career led him to meet the Lombricspaghetti Company, for the creation “Gum over” ...

Valentin Moreau - Technician

Valentin Moreau has been working in the performing arts for fifteen years. After his Parisian training, he worked in Tours and got his start in a stage performance company (Nights scene) and began the work of stage manager with companies (Cie Tempo, Cie echapée belle). He arrived in Nantes in 2009 when he was recruited by Angers-Nantes-Opéra as an electrician with sound skills. He will leave the Opera 2 ½ years later. He now works for several structures such as the Quai theater (Angers), the Opera (Nantes), Mobil Casbah (Nantes) and several companies. Thus, he provides general management and lighting for a contemporary theater company (Collectif Cohue). He also provides general management and sound with the company LombricSpaghetti for 4 years now.

Marie Sinet - Diffusion

She comes from audiovisual and photo. Between 1996 and 2001,


in Paris, she worked as a stage manager in an audiovisual production company. Photographer on feature film, advertising film shoots, production on advertising film productions and production for a company that produces archaeological films.

From the audiovisual base, she only kept the visual to make it available.

Show both poetic and energetic shows to as many people as possible everywhere. Spent at PaQ’la Lune. She joined Compagnie Syllabe in 2013 because she finds there a universe which touches her, stirs, makes shiver, vibrate, laugh, run, "what somewhere, not far, keeps me in the state of childhood ". Today, "all that" is the common point between the 2 companies for which it works. At Syllabe, she works closely with Stéphane on communication, and in addition to dissemination, does production, manages the press, and tour organization. It was in the company Syllabe that she met Benoît Crespel. There is only one step towards Lombric Spaghetti, Benoît's company. She joined the company in summer 2013. It’s the rock’n’roll side, the absurd touch and the discovery of the street, this urban jungle, which she missed. She has been there since the broadcast of the show '' Cirque Posthume ''. Juggling the room and the street, it explodes!