History of the company

Created in 2011 within the Mobil Casbah collective by Benoît Crespel and Nicolas Delaqueze, the company defines itself by a resolutely circus universe in an offbeat, absurd and burlesque spirit.


The desire to create shows for the street first and under marquees. Then mix object manipulation and diversion, juggling, poetry, acrobatic staves and live music to offer shows that are both physical, funny and poetic, shows of another kind for all audiences.


In 2012 the company presented CIRQUE POSTHUME, created and performed by Nicolas Delaqueze (cies Papaye, Visa 44, Black Radish, Blue Crass) and Benoît Crespel (cies Bankal, Tapatrap, S'Poart, Syllabe), directed by Christian Cerclier ( Bibendum Tremens). From the diversion of the shovel spade for a fatal, funny and absurd spectacle, mixing juggling, acrobatic carrying and live music. A slice of life of 2 characters, Edmond Lombric and Jack Spaghetti, gravediggers in a Western Spaghetti.


In 2018, GUM OVER was created. Performed by Benoit Crespel and Gildas Labarta (Cie Bulle de zinc), it is a circus show for the street around a new object, the Vauban barrier, security barrier, demonstration. Two new characters, still a bit cowboy but just as absurd and burlesque. A wire stretched between the earthmover of the spade shovel and the urbanist of the police barrier.


Another project is already in the minds of the team. To close this triptych, a show for the street that will bring together Benoît Crespel, Nicolas Delaqueze and Gildas Labarta, mixing circus with even more barriers and live music. Valentin Moreau in technique. For 2021.